BOLTUnlock your door without keys

  • Control your lock from your smartphone

    Meet Your New Key

    Bolt by Lockitron uses Bluetooth Low Energy which means that Lockitron will keep working even in the event of power or internet outages.

  • Share access to your lock with anyone

    Share Access

    Any iOS or Android phone can use the Lockitron app. You can instantly share access with your family and friends.

  • Know when your lock is opened

    Peace of Mind

    Is your door locked? Lockitron can send a notification when your child unlocks the door using their phone or key.

Keyless Entry by Sense™

With Lockitron Sense™ your door unlocks for you as you return home. Choose between the fully automated Sense Proximity Unlock and Sense Notifications.

Introducing Bridge

With Bridge you can control your lock from anywhere in the world. Bridge gives you peace of mind to know that Bolt is locked, even if you're halfway around the world.

Lockitron for Business

Now you can add Lockitron to your business, apartment building or co-working space. Thanks to our Access hardware, you can integrate Lockitron into any electrified lock system.

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Match your existing key

With Key Match™ you can get a new Lockitron Bolt but keep your old house keys. Key Match™ is great if you rent - your landlord's key still works.

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  • It can sense if your door has been unlocked, dutifully notifying you immediately.
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  • It doesn’t take much to demo the Lockitron. It’s a little wireless device that slips onto a deadbolt. Put it on your house. Put it on a rental property. Put it on your cat.
  • You can pay for your coffee, turn off your lights, control your TV, and start your car with your smartphone — so why can't you unlock your doors? That's exactly what Lockitron does.
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  • Control from Anywhere

    Bolt optionally connects to the internet with Bridge. With Bridge you can control and receive notifications from Bolt anywhere in the world.

  • Powerfully Smart

    Lockitron Bolt uses four AA batteries which last for up to six months. Bolt will even let you know by email when they are running low.

  • Easily Customizable

    With Bridge you can control Bolt through our incredibly simple API endpoints. We're working to integrate Bolt with a number of popular devices and apps.

  • iOS and Android

    Lockitron Bolt is compatible with iOS or Android out of the box. With Bridge, other phones can use Lockitron through our simple mobile website.

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