How to change the name of a Lockitron

If you are the Lockitron owner, then you can change the name of your Lockitron in the dashboard simply by clicking on the title of the lock - by default, "Lock". A form field should appear where you can now enter the new desired name. Once you have changed the name you should use the refresh buttons in the mobile applications to reflect the new name.

How to invite someone to a Lockitron

If you are a Lockitron owner or administrator on a Lockitron unit, you can invite guests. In your dashboard, click on the "Manage Keys" link to the lock on which you want to invite a new user. There, enter in an email address (or phone number if you have activated the text message feature), and, if desired, a start and expiration time for the user's key.

If you are the Lockitron owner, you can also make the user an administrator, in which case they too can grant and delete keys for your lock. Once you click the "Invite" button, the user will be sent an email inviting them to activate their account and access their lock. The email will look like this:

Welcome to Lockitron!

You have been invited as a guest on hello@lockitron.com's Lockitron - please activate your account. Once you have activated your account, you can head to https://lockitron.com on your smartphone to access your key on the go. This invitation to activate your account will expire in one week.


The Lockitron Team

Sent from hello@lockitron.com's Lockitron

Upon clicking on the "please activate your account" link, the user will be prompted to enter their email address, name and their desired password. They will then be directed to their dashboard - if the key was for a set period of time and it has not yet become valid, then the user will see the following message:

This key is no longer valid.
If you require access, please contact the owner of this lock to change this key

They will also be shown a guide on setting up Lockitron on their mobile phone - you can view this guide by clicking on the link at the end of the snippet "Learn more about adding Lockitron to your phone here."

If you need to extend the stay of a guest, you can delete and re-add their key via your dashboard.